Monday, 23 November 2015

The five kinds of wrong treatment tips aggravate rhinitis, sinusitis

Rhinitis, sinusitis often the treatment of patients selector.May eat take prescription drugs to treat a runny nose,And also because the spray nasal spray,You can wash the nose Self.Effective treatment for nasal disease Because I vary.But do you know?The fact that the wrong treatment tips to invalidate the various treatment means or that can halve the therapeutic effect!Moreover, such a thing does not givin well taught in the hospital.Today is a story about the five kinds of wrong treatment tips aggravate rhinitis, sinusitis:
Here they are...

1. rhinitis or sinusitis medication while grapefruit or orange, let's not eat appleGrapefruit and orange, apple, rhinitis, sinusitis degrade the effectiveness of the remedy.Grapefruit, orange and reducing the effects of antihistamines is rhinitis sinusitis treatments.That is to drink orange juice or eat grapefruit during drug rhinitis medication is eliminated I will talk.Rhinitis, sinusitis during medication period, we recommend that away grapefruit and orange.Especially if taking an antihistamine with orange juice, grapefruit juice, the therapeutic effect will disappear.In the case of grapefruit stuffy nose and nosebleeds that cause some blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, therapies such as benign prostatic hyperplasia also cause a bad reaction because,We need to be careful if you are an adult rhinitis, sinusitis patients taking these drugs.Note that the grapefruit is also referred to as "grapefruit""Pocari Sweat" is the main component of some ions, such as sports drinks.Nothing about swallowing chlorine ion sports drinks to avoid getjiyo.Apple likewise reduces the efficacy of some antihistamines.Once all citrus fruits and apples and avoid eating during the medication period rhinitis or sinusitis.2. Remove from the refrigerator Do not spray directly sprayed into the noseThe nose is the organ of the body temperature regulation.Keeping good spray in the fridge,Remove immediately sprayed in the nose is nasal symptoms from a cold state, it has a lot worse.

Pharmacy or clinic, is a spray that is all that matters prescription in hospitals.Pay particular attention just like on a cold winter season.If you do not want to cause cold liquid spray or nasal symptoms worsen, it is recommended that you do not refrigerate.Other refrigeration shouting inserted into one nostril or jelly-type form of the medicine, such as herbal medicine,Make sure all check it before nose surgery treatment tools are put in charge too.3. nasal irrigation water salinity is not high, and if the temperature is not too high or too lowSet close to the salinity of the nasal wash it must be well adjusted to 0.9%.The temperature of the wash water is low, the nose rather symptoms can also be exacerbated.Itjiyo too high there is a risk of burns.Especially when nose washing with hot surfaces difficult TeaAdjust the water temperature 32 degree Celsius, it is recommended that you do not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.4. If your symptoms appeared even slightly nasal irrigation should cease immediatelyThe people who have ear infections are the original nasal irrigation should be avoided.If the nose is not a good patient nasal wash,Ear to ear wash water backflow meokmeok itjiyo may take sick or even to the middle ear.If this happens replace it with another therapeutic means.(For more information on 3,4 times, please refer to how to properly utilize the nasal wash)5. therapeutic tool and do not be overly dependent on the long-term cureThat sinusitis is nasal irrigation on a daily basis and more than three times,Taking more than a year in succession or the antihistamine drugs, such as rhinitis,If you're taking long-term antibiotics for a runny nose does not stop coming months,Take care to eat a lot of heat without sweating constitution this fall geolryeodo the ginseng in the cold for 1-2 years,Without symptoms of rhinitis treatment medicine continuing eaters,And the nose is blocked, often sprinkling just a little guy livin Haute,All treatment will cause dependence or drug dependence, such as antibiotic resistance This saenggimyeon dependence treatment and self-recovery capability decreases immunity.Rhinitis or sinusitis itself is brought overcome the force,Finally there will be no closer to being healed is to overcome the recurrent nasal disease without the help of drugs or treatment.To consult with professionals to adjust the intensity and duration of the treatment well.In addition to food and garyeoya to sinusitis and rhinitis,Garyeoya sure that the food of the treatment period,Correct use of therapeutic tools and home medical equipment,

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