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Consumption of medicine plantain (Plantain is something else) Photo

plantain is a Chinese herbal medicine, is also a health ingredients, you can mix and some food to eat together, but also compatible with the other ingredients to use, therefore, before the method of eating the grass is 
 Seedlings before the car leaves edible. After using boiling water boiled, either salad, dipping sauce, but also stuffing, soup and other delicious, nutritious. Ye is a good livestock feed, either raw feed can be fermented, it can also be made of dried autumn leaf made meal, feeding chickens, rabbits and the like.
Usage example:

1, the vehicle in front stewed pig Tripe: the so-called "pig Tripe" That pig bladder. Its approach is taken to the front to fresh plantain water wash stand, 200 grams of washed pig bladder into the boiling pot cooked fish, cut after the vehicle in front, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, ginger , cooking wine, broth and other people with pot, after Dunlan Serve. Tripe stewed pig before the car has a "heat and dampness, diuretic Tonglin" role, can cure cystitis, urethritis and other diseases.
2, plantain soup: Place the oil, onion, pepper, salt, ginger and other fan speculation before taken to the car leaves the water wash stand, after a few hot pot, add 500 ml of water, put the vehicle in front lobe, After the fry into the open, MSG, coriander, you can pan. This soup with heat, diuretic, anti-inflammatory effect.
3, before the green car pastures: 100 to 150 grams of fresh plantain, add 500 ml of water, boil for 5 minutes, add green tea 0.5 to 1 g, 3 times for drinking. This soup has a "detoxification, inflammation, bleeding, diarrhea" function, can cure hematuria, diarrhea, gastritis, prostatitis and other diseases.
[Folk prescription psyllium]

1. Governance urine hot secret nowhere: Plantago 50 grams, Phellodendron 25 g, white peony 10 grams, 5 grams of licorice. Cook slowly service. ("Universal Relief")
2. Cure urinary astringent, or Longbitong nowhere, and hot shower discredited: Plantago, Qumai, flat storage, talc, mountain gardenia benevolence, licorice (Sunburn), Akebia, rhubarb (face wrapped simmer, to face, cut , baking) each 500 g. On the loose. 10 grams per serving, a cup of water into the wick and simmer till seven, to the dregs, warm clothes, lying face after eating. ("Council" eight are scattered)
3. Governance urine discredited ache: Plantago dry for the end of 10 grams per serving, before the leaf decoction under. ("Universal Relief")
4. Governance pregnancy suffering shower, urination, waterways hot, nowhere: 250 g psyllium, sunflower root (cut) one liter. Five liters of water, Jianqu one liter and a half, three points. ("Anthony set prescription")
5, treatment of gonorrhea: fried Plantago 20 grams, Tribulus terrestris 15 grams, decoction. ("Hunan Drug Chi")
6. Treatment of Infantile Fu Shu vomiting and diarrhea, polydipsia cited drinking, urination: white Poria (peeled), wood Polyporus (peeled), psyllium, ginseng (go Lo head), Elsholtzia each decile. The member for the fine, 5 grams per serving, fry wick soup tune. ("Young Tibetan home side" psyllium powder)
7. Wind-heat treatment head dark astringent pain: Plantago, berberine 50 grams. To the end, after eating warm wine served five grams, day two.
8. Haruhisa suffering from cataract: Plantago, dry yellow, MaiMenDong decile. To the end, pill as Indus sub-major. Of service.
9. Cure liver and kidney all true, often dark eye: Dodder 250 grams (Jiujin five days, exposed dry do not pound for the end), Plantago 50 grams, 150 grams of cooked dry yellow. Luo pound on the drug at the end, refining and honey and stir, Wanru Indus child large. In each hollow temperature wine under thirty pills, late former food and then served (in King pill).
10. Yin Yang pain: Plantago three liters of water, cook three boiling, to sediment wash tickle place. ("Taiwan")
11. Discredited ached. Dried small study with psyllium, 10 grams per serving, the first vehicles to take the next leaf decoction.
12. Elderly gonorrhea (body heat). With Plantago Werkhart, broth, to the residue, boiled rice with sauce eat, effective. Supplements of this party, can eyesight.
13. Pregnant women hot shower. With 250 g psyllium, sunflower root (cut) a liter, five liters of water, fry a liter and a half, three times a service.
14. Easy abortion, with Plantago research for the end, each serving a spoonful of wine sent to the next. Do not drink, could change the water the next.
Fifteen. Scrotum cold sore. Serve swollen full risk disease, with Plantago small study, each serving a spoonful of water delivery next day clothes twice.
16. Long suffering from cataract. With Plantago, dry yellow, wheat Asp, etc. into the end, add honey and pills, such as Wu Zi. Dressed in uniforms effective.
17. Eyesight tonic (liver and kidney were true, eye black altogether, or students Zhang Yi, Yingfengliulei). With Plantago, Rehmannia (Steamed fire after baking) each 150 grams, dodder (Jiujin) fifty-two of research for the end, plus refining honey and pills, such as Wu Zi. Thirty pills per serving, warm the wine sent to the next. One day service twice, party name "in King pill."
18. Urination. Former car 500 grams, plus three liters of water Jianqu a liter and a half, three times, one party: the top melon juice plus anger or mulberry juice.
19. Urine hematuria. Car plantain Daozhi Werkhart, Kong Xinfu.
20. More than nosebleed. Daozhi drink before the car leaves.
twenty one. Knife for. Mash and apply before the car leaves the wound.
twenty two. Moisture back pain. And seven before the car leaves the roots of trees, light blue even have seven trees, jujube seven gold, cooking wine bottle uniforms.
twenty three. Houbi, milk moth. Car before the grass, Fern mash, add a little cream Meirou cooking wine, grind juice. Brush dipped in chicken beg throat.
twenty four. Two red pain. Khan tune the car before the grass at the end of dizzy nitrate, temporary star painted on the upper eyelid, wash away the next morning.
25. Head nebula since the beginning. Car anterior lobe, King Yang Ye decile, rub the juice, wrapped in two layers of mulberry leaves, hanging shade night. The next day open leaves, with juice eye

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