Monday, 23 November 2015

You won't believe what apple can do until you see this (Photo)

According to a study published in the Christmas issue of BMJ, if for all age 50 years or older adults to eat the eggs one apple a day - already give it to everyone age 50 or older who do not take statins, first the (statins) Similarly, those - will be able to prevent or slow the approximately 8,500 cases of vascular death, such as heart attacks and strokes each year in the UK. wound Researchers "If the doctor does not need to know an apple a day" 150 years concluded that health messages were comparable to more widespread use of modern medicine and likely to have fewer side effects. The study did consider the people who are taking already adequately statin drugs to reduce the risk of vascular disease, so the authors, even eats as well as more apple those who ate the current statin drugs are stopped emphasized no.

In the UK, life type of change is the first step that is recommended to prevent heart disease. However, test data suggests that statins may reduce the risk of an individual's cardiovascular risk, regardless of the underlying vascular events. So, in a population level, statins are more particularly used for people over 50 years old.Using a mathematical model, the team of researchers was 150 years proverb in Oxford (University of Oxford) embarked on what the statin drugs in the UK population test that can be compared to those more widely used. They give an analysis of what impact the most common cause of vascular death, which would prescribe statins to know an apple a day to those who are not already taking on one day or for all people over 50 in the UK. The researchers assume namneundago yihaengryul taking 70 percent and the total caloric intake constant. They estimated it would receive if the 5.2 million people receiving treatment is currently available statins in the United Kingdom and 10 176 in the current statin drugs without taking the people as the primary prevention means 50 is recommended for all those years of age or older.They are not offering an apple every day for 70 percent of that year vascular death that provides the statins daily to 17.6 million people more adults on the other hand to reduce 9400 people, aged 50 or more entire UK population (22 million people) 8500 had calculated would reduce the cases of vascular death. However, side effects from statin drugs means that it is expected to lead to additional, more than a thousand muscle disease (myopathy) million and one additional diabetes diagnosis to prescribe statins to everyone over 50 years old.

If additional models or prescribing statins to all those apples more than 30 years showed that the number of vascular deaths per year less 3% more. However, the number of adverse events was expected to double. "This study, like the increased use of statins in the population level, small changes in diet may significantly reduce vascular deaths in the UK shows that" the authors said. "This study is in addition to expanding patiently policies in order to improve the quality of nutrition in the UK diet, for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, gives carrying the weight of a request to increase the use of drugs" and they concluded.Adam Briggs Dr BHF health promotion research group at Oxford University (BHF Health Promotion Research Group) is a "Victorian people," If one day apologize know doctors do not have to be seen, "I came up with an amazingly clear and simple public health advice He said well work. " It sure how effective that small changes in diet and a healthy lifestyle and this shows that both drugs can make a real difference in preventing heart disease and stroke. People who prescribe statins now it is not an apple instead andoejiman, we will all be able to simply benefit from eating more fruit. "
[Figure] The study of that year vascular death that provides the statins daily to 17.6 million people more adults on the other hand to reduce 9400 people, an apple every day for 70 per cent of 50-year-old over the entire UK population (22 million people) The provision was estimated that 8,500 cases of reduced vascular death

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