Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Domestic Abuse In Nigeria

Intimidation and Domination has changed Most Homes today that it has evolved into combat zones.All too frequently the social networks and media's strikes us with that same ugly news about Domestic
Abuse or violence,leaving behind gory photos to summarize a point.
The cause or causes of domestic abuse is no mystery,The hitter chooses to apply power over their victims thereby instilling fear in them.
So the cause for it is a matter of choice.
My descriptive findings on domestic violence in homes ( Anambra state(Onitsha to be precise )shows that even Men faces violence.
But women are on the high side.
Irrespective of the smiles,Grin we see on people's faces everyday, people are passing through hell in the name of marriage.
One thing to understand when it comes to Domestic Abuse is that 65% of domestic violence cannot be seen or heard.
A very bad effect of Domestic Violence is that it perseverates over generations.
You'd be surprise how fast children consume this act and Live with it
You will concur with my view that Children who witness or are the victims of violence may learn to believe that violence is a reasonable way to resolve conflict between people.
It helps disintegrating the left over love in the home thereby leaving the home Sufferable.
A good number of Nigerian men are wallowing in jail In some European Countries just because of that DISTINCT CRIME called Domestic Violence.
After Kenya,i think Nigeria is taking the lead in domestic violence.
An avid user of the Internet, social networks will not find this article strange.
In the month of January 2016,I recorded 6 different gruesome Domestic Abuse in Nigeria(it should exceed the number I recorded,i am very sure), which Involved 2 murder cases...
But wait ooooo..
Why are Nigeria women so afraid to "Take a walk" even when the man is sonorously exhibiting his uninterestedness in you...
No matter how religious we may sound, Marriage is not a do or die affair.
The problem with Africans is that we appear to be too spiritual, that we virtually relate most of our problems to be "the hands work of the devil"
Wake up!
He beats you on daily basis and you still seat to wait on God's help,You are probably waiting for the "Last fight" that will determine your death.
Just like the Bible said, Heaven helps those that helps themselves. So do that while you are painfully living.
On the other hand, Why are Nigerian Men so weak to determine a divorce knowing fully well that he's being abused by the wife, Okay maybe it's against your faith and your Bible denounced it.
But let's face Reality, if your marriage is really God's invention,why then the daily Brawl,
Why the Everyday Confrontation?
Why the endless tears?
Why the regrets?
Why the fathomless hatred from him or her?
Please for crying out loud, don't listen to your pastor,priest or your almighty spiritual director when he or she says "Keep on keeping on my son or daughter, God is just testing you"
The God that I know and have tasted his Goodness won't test his child in such a cruel way... So wise up Oga and madam...
Say No to # DomesticViolence it has ended a lot of young and vibrant lives.
It can be any Body, it can be you!
So make a wise decision today...

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