Friday, 11 March 2016

5 Nigerians You’ll Mostly Like Meet On Social Media

Almost everyone in the world is on social media, and as expected Nigerians has one of the highest numbers in the world. While a lot of people have made themselves lives better with social media, some have ruined theirs with it. No matter the platform you’re on, there are a set of people you would always find. They can be nice, annoying and frustrating. INFORMATION NIGERIA therefore brings you 5 types of Nigerians that anyone would find there…
Haters: These ones just go through people’s timeline and drop very negative comments on them like there opinion actually matter. Accept you have a strong tolerance limit, these ones have the capacity of ruining your entire day.
Fashion Police: They especially go after celebs analyzing their outfit. When you read some people’s comment, you would mistake them for Joan Rivers and her crew.
Fashionista: These ones spend their savings buying outfits and good phones so they can share the pictures they take on social media to impress or intimidate. These ones usually post their photos in 3’s, posing like models on vogue magazine.
Selfie Queens and Kings: They’re just like Kim Kardasian, only she makes money from what she does while they don’t. Hardly a day goes by without a selfie from them.
Follow me back beggars: They beg for follow backs like their lives depend on it. They wouldn’t like a photo or comment on one without asking people to ‘KFB”, which they never get.
Which of these are you???

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