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A kind of South American origin of beans. Many peanuts think, but into the 'beans' in the name not the kind of beans, dignified legumes  to peanut is unusual look make open flowers after being this its pod went digging in the ground, how much depth should go to peanuts should begin to open. The name stuck because this feature is peanut . This could not be opened because the peanuts grown in pots outside is virtually impossible.

 After being discovered by Europeans against time period, growing well on barren land, and that they fertilize the ground  it is found spread across the globe in just over 50 years.

Roasted and eaten as it is the most famous, the most typical snacks and sweets (?). Chinese restaurants (and some advanced domestic / overseas Chinese in Chinese), peanuts, and salt are often inter-like dish coming out of the ceremony. What ingredients into the cooking dish in Korea and around the world, but many are neotgido in salads or savory sauce for flavor and chewy, especially in Vietnam, Indonesia and other South-East Asia used a lot in cooking.
Usually we are all peanuts, and peanuts are roasted to eat properly processed. Roasted peanuts wrapped in husks would also second shell. It is mainly used to sell raw else to be born with only a hammock. Other than coffee, clad with coffee and sugar crystals peanuts, which the liver to maintain the salt yirang add flavor peanuts, a little salt and flavors to embellish honey, peanuts variety of snacks with sugar, snacks for the distance variation is, and peanut butter such as processed foods are also popular.

Instead of roasting method also it can comfortably eat boiled [3] also produce addictive intake by other means because of this change in the taste of roasted peanuts soft texture instead of a hard case. Life is just too much at once if you eat the peanuts diarrhea storm arose, so you should eat in moderation. Also, boil again after the summer yen not know what happened to cause liver damage if left alone day after only two days in winter even if the moisture disappears, so do as much to eat it dry and get started in just a day and other reasons, boiled taste good to eat. In Korea, eating boiled peanuts in a common life Gyeongsang province in the water, in the Gyeongsang outside if you do not imagine things called "boiled peanuts', it happens that receives a culture shock each other in the most injira daehwajung Sometimes. As such only a minor food to eat a lot of peanut planting area in the country. But the world is the way to eat is often referred to as Latin America, etc., in China. There is also, as well as that of Korean rice peanuts can not understand what to do with something like that hardly surprised. Also what is the peanut meal is goesik. The Culture Shock!
Unlike the common beans is configured to maintain only 40%, but it has a high heat of 550kcal per 100g by a half is configured to maintain, Do not worry. The geological does not adversely affect the cardiovascular enough, mostly monounsaturated fat. Once the diet foods because you can feel the feeling of fullness after eating a small amount and wait also receive referrals. According to a study at the University of Illinois, the meal before that monounsaturated fats (olive oil in this case) and ate people who do not eat more calories when eating 25% less.

However, the basic calories deda very high, because the peanut case-specific addictive (...) In addition, so eat eat eat large quantities at one time abound, if you were worried about the fat literally eating peanuts for kicks' is shifted to avoid good. Plus, so if a storm may experience diarrhea, fat content is high, eat too much, eat only in moderation. Undigested peanuts in extreme cases also occur if you're spewing into force stacked.
In addition to fat and a significant amount of protein, vitamin E, niacin, it has a magnesium. Beans can also contain soy isoflavones am a sex hormone disrupting chemicals.
Also squeeze the oil as the fat content is higher and is called the salty peanut oil cooking oil as it is commonly used in Chinese cooking
If you want to take advantage of the peanut as part of a diet, I eat anything raw okay to eat peanut butter instead. See the item.
Civil War Confederates at the time was the most common resources. Even before the Civil War, but I do not know peanuts in the north, in southern thought about the whole crop of black Africa. It was originally planted peanuts to black people about land owners to raise their own food to eat, there are many large and well yields this I spent in various fields. Distribution and Abundance has also written sometimes with a roasted coffee substitutes, and squeeze the oil lamp was writing to take advantage of the lubricating oil in the engine or machine. By the time this came to Southern Union because anything you do not eat peanuts in peanut Southern whites or blacks or just forgot it and everyone equitably. If I one ... One Peanut You!

Among the famous people in connection with peanut johyeonah George Washington Carver (1864-1943) has a Ph.D. His master who admired George Washington as the original black slaves handed him a castle that gives 'George Washington' gave the name of Sanya in both doeja built later slavery was abolished 'cover'. After graduating from college named after overcoming racism Agriculture, Agricultural Microbiology Master's he work as a professor in African Studies institutions. Southern United States at the time was about ttaera a large amount of cotton was grown all over the land becomes barren crops do not grow properly. This barren land grows well in restoring the intellect tomatoes, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, peanuts, etc. disseminated to students and farmers, and especially devoted themselves to the propagation of peanuts. In intellect, but this recovery will be good until the increased peanut production over-watering peanut production remains and thus make matters worse, the weevil devastated cotton fields pounce. The main crop is cotton weevil is to regain strength to live out who planted peanuts development aid've gotta difficult situation. In Carver repeated research studies produce peanut butter, margarine, cooking oil, soap, lubricants, including shampoo to the application of peanut products up to a whopping 300. At the time but the degree to which a small amount of peanuts consumed as a snack Carver crop is found to have made a variety of crops that take a peanut oil, peanut pretty useless. Thanks to this the demand for peanuts doldeon continues to occur and remain in the US economy became strong. Modern man would know anyone by those wearing the benefit of knowing Carver. Who have used the products listed above can not right now?  Yet one devoted to research, without a penny of royalties he is now the most respected figures do not cover the whites and blacks in the southern United States. In 1977, after the 'Great American' Hall of Fame, in 1990, the great inventor, enters the Hall of Fame.
Although many Carver has developed a peanut-related products, peanut thing is to see the real light was thanks to Major League Baseball. The crowd would have had while watching the game weeks before the bill was ridiculously need to consume peanuts. Therefore ballpark every game ends and the crowd was very big deal to clean up discarded peanut shells. So in the end it has made a vacuum cleaner to clean off peanut shells only.
In Japan, it is famous for peanuts in Chiba Prefecture. Peanut be enough to gargoyle.
Note that Brazil nuts are not peanuts, Brazil nuts effect. This plant is the first place that smells quite chonsu difference ericales.
It is called the testicles of the male cat saying prayers. So the neutralization operation 'Nig peanuts. " Or it is sometimes referred to as "peanuts surgery. The Look. The Look! Butler man !!! And then release what?3. Allergies More often I know little domestic himdeuni In person, but peanut allergy is a very dangerous disease. There may be severe allergy not instantly killed, nor is mediocre. Food allergies related to academics at all in the first type of acute hypersensitivity reactions because it is talking about eating the first example of holding the most immediately comes to classifying the allergic reaction. Understandably, when you walked through the "Peanuts have included 'articles are not written in this year of death, the survivor allergy sufferers eat peanut packaging to suit the split in the plane urban legend even says so. Besides the United States Lotta items that are attached to the various chocolate products the word 'PEANUT FREE', which free peanuts, peanut None 'is the means.
In Canada, the boyfriend tried to eat peanuts bar and kissed his girlfriend had a story of a woman friend had died. The fact that this case had a girlfriend inhaling smoke of any drug before a kiss (which is estimated to be marijuana) smoke of the drug would cause an allergic reaction immediately after kissing fallen. Real men, and ate peanuts and "containing" the spread before 9 hours, ingredients that cause allergies are peanuts that are digested in the mouth a couple of hours or so. See article
Beginning in the country since the 2000s, this product is peanut, XX, such as products made at the plant etc. "The phrase began sseuyigi in confectionery and elsewhere.
In other allergies no effect by some effect seen against the desensitization treatment even peanut allergy through the trace contact.  Patients with effect across the road a few months - years of pain to expose the hyeona skin in a small amount of peanut dramatically It was subjected to the process.
Although the two proteins in the creation of genetically getting research to inhibit made in altogether cultivation process because from causing substances that cause peanut allergy are two types of proteins were identified as the main allergen causing the symptoms in over 90% of patients, and the remaining 10 Because of Gollum too circumstances percent show a reaction for the peanut oil or other accessories ...

The peanut allergy is to just do note that peanuts are also allergic to other nuts may not happen.
Is classified as a legume in the first place. It upside down, because peanuts are legumes, nuts ahniramyeo The people teach others (...) nuts in everyday usage is close to the market classification as a botanical classification. See also nuts. To use a metaphor, saying that mixed noodles dish dare to stick close to what the term Hamhung noodle. (...)  In fact, this whole thing is that the legume root nodules with the bacteria.  The soft crab dalchakjigeunhan There is a strange addictive  In fact, Carver yourself 'invention' There is one thing in about peanut butter. That one even seemed I'd already be sufficient. The Knitter oil from peanuts were already known from earlier, its application to products, and also those already since before spilling made of different materials (margarine was invented when Napoleon, soaps and lubricants has existed since ancient Rome.) Current I can make a better quality product to another oil is a situation that does not bother peanut oil. The peanuts after the significance of research in Carver to find a variety of eungyongbeop of so Peanut oil is what was able to establish itself as the main crop.  This case prayed covered in crisis escape number one.  insensitive through exposure Chemical treatment is basically due to a food allergy do not use target, the effect is modest without high risk.

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