Friday, 27 November 2015

The Basic Principles of Cake Leavening

The basic principles of cake leaveningFirst, the role of airAir sifting through the dry ingredients, stirring ingredients and added whipped whole egg or egg white into the cake mixture.1, in the production of oil cakes, sugar and fat in the mixing energy mix in a lot of air. Sugar, grease friction generated by the stirring action of bubbles. This bubble after further expansion into the furnace heated to make the cake volume increases, leavening. Oil cake, especially heavy oil cake mainly by air to mix the oil when the sugar was stirred prone air used must be dry sugar, granulated sugar are generally more suited to the production of heavy oil cake, and drying sugar crystals prone to friction.

2, in the production of sponge cake and chiffon cake, stirring the whole egg and egg white, can bring a lot of air, the egg has a dual role of integration and enlargement of air, oil cake and played fast and reservations made from the air.Second, the role of leavening agentLeavening agent can be divided into biological and chemical leavening agents leavening agent.Biological leavening agents such as yeast or lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria, the final product was fermented them is carbon dioxide.Chemical leavening agents such as baking soda, baking powder and smell like, their reaction ultimately produce carbon dioxide and ammonia, these gases make cakes enlargement.Third, the effect of water vaporCake produce large amounts of water vapor in the oven, combine cake steam and carbon dioxide in the air to make the cake volume expansion.IV cake recipe balanceFirst, all types have some cake recipe, but it is not static, so long as proper proportions of various raw materials, we can achieve the quality requirements of the product.Cake of raw materials can be divided into dry and wet materials, strong material and a weak material.Dry: flour, milk, baking powder and cream of tartar;Wet: eggs, milk and water;Strong resistance: flour, eggs and milk;Weak: the sugar, oil, oil cake, cream of tartar and baking powder.Dry materials require wet materials wet, weak and strong materials needed to carry materials. Because there will be more strong material protein molecules, particularly flour gluten, the protein has a role in the formation and strengthening product structure. Weak material is a low molecular weight component, they can not become products of skeleton, the opposite has weakened the structure or dispersed products, and the need to carry a strong material.1, wet balance:Cake dough is greater than the water content of the slurry moisture content, the need for more liquid. Sponge cake is a foam system, oil cake is emulsified system. Sponge cake can be added more water and aqueous material.2, the strength of the balance:1) the ratio of fat and sugarBalancing effect 2) oil cake3) balancing a high proportion of the cakeSecond, the formulation of the imbalance impact on product quality1, the liquid too - when the baked cake to cool, the bottom will be "wet zone" or even collapse, product volume contraction.2, sugar and baking powder too - make cake structure becomes weak, the top collapse.3, sugar and baking powder too little - make cake texture tight, not loose, the top of the projections are too high, or even rupture.4, too much fat - also makes the top of the sink, and shiny heart cake, taste greasy

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