Thursday, 29 October 2015

Opportunities in the new mobile data gratification economy for businesses & individuals

We are living in a mobile data gratification economy where some buying decisions are motivated by mobile data reward buyers get each time they make purchases-An economy mobile operators and some selected partners are already practising which has been proven as a better option than discount giving.
What if mobile data bundle with business names inclusive of their voices and unique codes was also introduced to other businesses irrespective of size to also drive their sales as the age of discount giving is gradually fading away according to numerous surveys?

Our Mobile data gratification economy initiative is to equip businesses with customized data bundle gift card/label with their product announcement built in such that  their customers can load to activate their data bundles while we donate a certain percentage from each gift card  to charities on behalf of the seller and the buyer within the economy.
USE CASE-Lady Gee Boutique Data Bundle
Lady Gee was surrounded by bigger boutiques who were also offering huge discounts to their customers. Determined to break free from the bondage of low sales and no sales, lady Gee’s bundle was created such that while others were busy displaying “BUY One Get 70%” She displayed “GET Customized Mobile Data Gift Card For every Shirt You Buy” The result was more sales for lady Gee and long queues for waiting customers. Customers were not only delighted but also spread the goodness.
How It Worked For The Customers
1.On purchase from Lady Gee’s Boutique customers discovered  the adhesive label attached to the item and scratches off the code.
2.Flashes the MDGE phone Number(Toll Free)
3.Receives an instant call back from the same number
4.Listen for 10 to 30 seconds of latest arrival information or paid voice contents
5.Enter Lady Gee’s code to activate the bundle
Lady Gee’s brother who sales phone in a popular phone market adopts same to drive his sales as he was worried that since they could not offer customised data bundle offers to customers he lost his customers to surrounding mobile operator stores and big smart phone brands.
Both lady Gee and the brother are planning to sell their products with their bundle in online marketplaces like OLX, Efritin,SMEMarketHub and other market to stand out from the crowd.
What is it that you sell and wants to attract more sales in the new economy? If you can afford loading a recharge card on your mobile phone then you can afford this for your customers and yes it’s a limited opportunity and strictly on first come first served basis.
Individuals and corporate organisations seeking new means of revenue can join the MDGE as MDG Economy coordinators in their area.This could be state coordinators, Local Government and specific Markets like Computer Village,GSM village, Shopping Malls coordinators etc.
You can own an internet data bundle block within the economy and earn each time consumers load their phones with the customized bundle.
Advertisers can place their audio ads of 10 to 45 seconds while the consumer is loading their data bundle gift. We can also create audio ads for free for member businesses.
You can also discuss other needs not mentioned above and we will be glad to work it out for you.
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