Saturday, 3 October 2015

Nope! Man Swings Three Crates Of Beer With His Balls

Can you bear to watch a man lift and swing three crates of beer with his genitals?

Just how do you find out you can do this party trick?

How do you discover you are one of a select few who can dangle three crates of beer from your genitals?

This eye-watering video shows a man naked with just a small silk cloth for modesty.

stands with his feet on two chairs either side of the crates and there
is a pause while presumably he makes sure his head is in the game.
However, when he does lift them he swings them with a carefree vigour that is hard to watch.
The crowd applauds the wild abandon with which he treats his testicles and he soaks up the glory.

-UK Mirror

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