Saturday, 18 July 2015

This is incredible: Man Stuck Inside After Getting Caught with Someone's...

In the ancient times, people believe
that the only way to revenge is the use of black magic. People in the
ancient times claim that black magic is a supernatural magic that was used for
evil of selfishness purposes.

Just like people from the ancient
, this man went to see a witch doctor to ask for help. He wanted to
see it with his naked eyes that his wife is cheating on him, he wanted to catch
her red-handed.

 The witch doctor then cursed
the wife, involving the lover of the wife. The curse involves the other man
getting stuck inside her while doing having intercourse.

Just like what he wanted, he caught
his wife cheating on him while having sex with some other man. The
police  immediately came but they failed to separate the two.

Despite the fact that he already caught
her cheating, he still refused to break the spell that he asked for the witch
doctor to do.

The other man promised the husband of the  girl that he will pay $205 to cover the damages and the embarrassment that he had caused.
A pastor was then called out to pray over the couple, and when the pastor asked him if he believe in God, he immediately said yes and with that he was able to get up from the woman who's continuously sobbing.
After this incident, the husband then finally decided that he will no longer accept his wife.
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