Saturday, 18 July 2015

This girl was producing something weird from her eyes. When you realize what it is, you'll surely lose your mind!

There had been a of of cases and news reports about people who are releasing strange liquids from their eyes. But this girl's case is probably the most unexplainable case
This 12-year-old girl from Lebanon baffled the therapeutic specialists after she showed them how her eyes produce dangerous sharp crystals. The family of this girl claims that she can release a total of 7 sharp crystals each day.
What's confusing the experts is the fact that the crystals were really sharp that it can really hurt anyone, but this girl seems to not feel anything while producing those crystals from her eyes.
Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani was even dubbed as the mysterious girl because of having such unexplainable condition.
Let the whole world know about this unexplainable story!

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