Thursday, 9 July 2015

Photos: Abandoned mother of triple twins receives cash from group, who also offered scholarship to one set of twins

More help came for Mrs Ruth Uche, the abandoned mother of triple set of twins, as a humanitarian organization called Voice of Divine Truth Int’l Outreach, (aka Voice of Change Network) gave her a cash donation, and offered her 2nd set of twins scholarship from primary to university level.

This came on the heels of the Speaker’s visit and the Governor’s kind gesture to her. Sitting in her dimly lit one room which doubled as her bedroom and her sitting room, the President of the group, Mr Gregory Azemobor expressed gratitude to God for the life of the children and their mother. He also stressed the fact that the children need to be given a future. He also called on well-meaning Nigerians to do what they can in supporting this woman and her six children.

Ruth who earns a paltry N10,000 monthly salary as a teacher in a daycare Centre narrated her ordeal of sending her children to school. According to her, the children’s fees is N10,000 per child, but thanks to the management of the school who asked her to pay N5,000 instead. She narrated how she uses her two months’ salary to pay her four children’s fees. As for the books and feeding, she says she teaches an evening class of six children who pays her #1,000 each monthly, which brings in additional #6,000 for the feeding and the upkeep of the family.

The question is ’how can #6,000 cater for the needs of a growing family of seven?’ Ruth is only one of such people in our society who needs to be shown love. Let’s not wait for the government. You can do something no matter how little, to make life easier for someone.- Austin Edoho

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