Saturday, 6 June 2015

Worlds Dirtiest Human - No Bath in 60 Years

Whether you're a mining engineer in Australia or a finance officer in
New York, a farm worker or fruit picker in New Zealand - everybody just
wants to be happy. But how do we assess happiness? Do you think everyone
thinks of material things when we talk about happiness? Or, are we rich
when we feel like our principles and beliefs are sturdy? Is happiness a
matter of being successful and accomplished?

Well, it depends on you - whether you're a New Zealand professional or
an Australian missionary. Happiness differs. Most especially for this
Meet this guy, Ammo Haji. who sacrificed all of his possessions so he can live a simple, non-traditional lifestyle. Ammo who is currently eighty years old finds happiness in solitude. He lives at the Southern Iranian Province, Fars, for a very long period of time.
According to him, he has two homes where he live in - one of which is a
brick shack people concerned built for him and another one, which is a
hole in the ground.
According to Haji, it is cleanliness that makes him weak and sick. And
that is the very reason why - yes, this is a shocking revelation, I tell
Six freaking decades - not months or weeks! Also, he has an eccentric
choice of viand, with rotten porcupine as his main course. Instead of
tobacco on his pipe, he smokes with animal poo in it.
Medical experts say people should eat nutritious food, stay clean and
hygienic to be healthy and safe from disease but this man has his own
principles and it's all his choice. This man knows his different but
it's the life he chose for himself and he doesn't have to conform with
the norm. He lives a serene life of simplicity and kept himself away
from stress and adversities.
I guess, that's how it is to be free. Isn't he admirable? Tell us what you think in our comments!

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