Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Don't Be A Party Pooper! Find out what happened to this girl with upset stomach!

Party Pooper, Girl with upset stomach
Doctors and medical experts always tell us that if you're feeling something wrong with your body, you have to take time to rest and stay at home. If you have an upset stomach, specially, you wouldn't want to risk getting frustrated with your tummy problems in the middle of partying... like the terrible thing that happened to this party girl right here!
Lazy Masky, posted in Facebook this true blue "party pooper" - he captioned the photos in the album, describing the girl as "the girl can’t hold those crap and let it loose on the floor.”
WARNING: Graphic content - You may find these photos disgusting.
Apparently, the woman has been suffering from diarrhea but she still went out and attended the party anyway! Good job!
It seems the woman was suffering from loose bowel movement or diarrhea but chooses to attend a party anyway…
As the night intensifies, her stomach got all wild as hell! And when she couldn't hold it anymore, here's what happened! BOOM!
Party Pooper, Girl with upset stomach 
Nature strikes back, certainly! Her poop's all over the dance floor - What a way to end the night! Can anybody guess if she scored so well with her date tonight? 
You wouldn't want to be in a similar situation as this party girl was. If you have a weak tummy, don't take chances even if you're date's the hottest jock in town! Now, what's worse? Not getting to date your dream guy or THIS?
Party Pooper, Girl with upset stomach 
While this isn't funny at all, this should serve as a lesson learned for everyone to not ignore their distressed stomach and always take care of yourself.
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