Thursday, 28 May 2015

Kim Kardashian "Likes" What Would Yeezus Wear? Instagram—Exclusive Details!

What Would Yeezus Wear InstagramInstagram
Big news, guys: We have a new favorite Instagram (Sorry, Toast Meets World, you've been temporarily replaced.)
Our fave account to double tap, What Would Yeezus Wear?, comes from the genius minds of the San Francisco-based duo Kathleen Lee and Katie Burroughs. Two very stylish gals who love Kim Kardashian and Kanye West so much that they've been spending their free time recreating all of the famous couple's outfits.

Yes, the pair (who've nicknamed themselves "Katye") replicate Kimye's street style in mirror-image snapshots—facial expressions and all. Just yesterday the twosome uploaded a post wearing nearly identical all-black ensembles to mimic a combo worn by the celebs back in November of last year.
What Would Yeezus Wear InstagramInstagram
Admit it: This idea is beyond kinda cool—it's straight-up awesome! So awesome in fact that even Kim approves. According to Kathleen, Mrs. West has even liked one of their posts.
"Kim liked the ice cream cone pic, but on my Instagram. At first I was like: ‘Wait, did I just see that notification?' I assumed it was a fake account, but then all of a sudden my phone blew up with likes from all of her followers," she tells E! News exclusively.
"Eventually I was able to scroll through and see it was, in fact, her real account. I was shaking. I told my office, where Katie and I both work, and everyone cheered. They are all big supporters or it wouldn't be possible for us to do it so often. It was very surreal."
What Would Yeezus Wear Instagram
For the record, that post is also Lee's favorite. Katie went with another gem. "I think the umbrella pic [is my favorite]. Kathleen's outfit in that—I can't stop laughing every time I look at it," Burroughs told us.
What Would Yeezus Wear InstagramInstagram
And while the pair, of course, have a sense of humor about their project, the duo also genuinely love Kimye's style.
"They both always look sleek. He always looks effortless and cool, while she has a more high-level glamour look. Obviously some of their Paris Fashion Week looks are harder for us to pull off in the real world, but I think their street style is where they really inspire."

What Would Yeezus Wear InstagramInstagram
And by the way, the twosome manage to recreate Kimye's designer fashion with—what else—bargain buys! "I'd say the majority is still our own clothes, but we have gone to less expensive stores like Forever21 and H&M, plus thrift stores for key pieces. I think it is really become part of the goal—inspiring those of us without a Balmain budget that you can have great style."
Oh, and in case you're wondering, both gals always usually want to be Yeezus. "It's always a battle for Kanye—no offense to Kim, but some of her outfits are hard to pull off without her amazing body. Usually it boils down to who already has the clothes for which outfit."

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