Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Foodie Way to Waist Train!

You know how your car boot gets too full and you can’t close it? You struggle to tie the boot close with your goods peeking out,then you’re driving around looking like a smuggler. Your tummy is your boot, and that’s how it is when you attempt to waist train without proper diet. Some people get a waist trainer and eat so much, with the subconscious intent of using their stomachs to ruin that waist trainer. Na you sabi o. 

A flat tummy will not exist without proper diet, no matter what means of weight loss you use. While a proper diet helps you lose weight in the most important places (your stomach and love handles), your waist trainer enables you to eat right – and these are the only forms of weight loss that enforceeach other!Now you don’t have to starve your way to a slimmer, sexier figure, but you must choose healthier foods, which contain lesser calories and are filling without giving you that uncomfortable feeling that makes you want to give up waist training altogether. Want to eat as much as you like, and waist train successfully? Start eating healthy!
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