Friday, 14 November 2014

Think about it...

Remember how you used to be a size 8 or 10 but somehow your tummy chose to be a size 12 and sometimes will dabble into a size14 just because you ate that small plate of rice and will refuse to just go down no matter how much we try. And when it eventually goes down, it still looks the same and we will now be forced to ditch that lovely fitted dress we wanted to wear to Tomi's wedding for a 'sack' called loose clothing and wear brother Emeka's polo with our shorts to the beach for pre-wedding party as opposed to that fitted tank top we had envisioned.

Well, I have yet another good news. Remember in the last post, I told you that our products have their long term and short term uses? I'm going to tell you about the short term uses.So what happens if you couldn't say no to that plate of rice? Or try out the taste of aunty Ngozi'segusi soup with eba a day before that event you want to attend. Would you rather wear something that makes you look slappy or not even bother to attend the event? Have you thought of what a body shaper or waist cincher or any of our products( appropriate product) can do for you? Do you know you can be transformed into an hourglass fashionista in seconds compared to the 'gorodom' your tummy would make you appear as? OK. Maybe I'm exaggerating a little ( I'm not!!). Think about it. 

Eat all your cravings and still look pretty in your dress with everything in order. You should visit our website now and check out our products and if you haven't bought one (seriously, what have you been waiting for?), start thinking of buying one.  Please note that when you want to use any of the products, remember to eat like 2hours before you go out.

and when you go out and can't resist the owambe rice, do eat, but eat moderately (We don't want you having breathing and indigestion problems either) and when you go home, take off the product, keep it safe ( trust me, you'll be needing it soon) and eat all you want!. There's nothing wrong with

this. Its called 'being happy and satisfied with yourself regardless of what anyone thinks'. We will talk about the long term uses in our next post but in the meantime, get yourself one of our products and go to that thing you want to attend. You are pretty. Feel pretty!.

Remember, our products do not rule out a healthy lifestyle, we help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle together with achieving  the desired shape you want. So, eat right, drink lots of water and start thinking of getting one our products!

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making the right product decision.

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