Thursday, 27 November 2014

Multichoice Super Cruise Promo

If you thought the season was going to be just any other season, then you need to check again. Multichoice is switching things up with the MultiChoice Super Cruise Promo, Yep, the MultiChoice Super Cruise Promo.

You see this season, you get to buy a DStv decoder which comes with a dish, pay for three months subscription on either Compact, Family or Access Bouquets and you automatically qualify for the weekly drawwhere you could win 1 of 20 KIA RIO cars, 100 Plasma TV screens, 30 DStv Exploras and many more. Awesome eh?

Buying a GOtv decoder + 2months subscription on GOtv Plus also qualifies you for these amazing gifts
 Juicy, eh? And I’m yet to tell you the best part.
Existing subscribers also stand a chance to win.  Just pay at least 3 months subscription on a bouquet of your choiceand you could be the one cruising away in the KIA RIO.
 Every month you pay counts as an entry for the weekly draw.  So you can pay for several months and increase your chances of winningas a GOtv subscriber, when you renew your subscription with the recharge cards.
Offer runs from 14th November, 2014 to 6th February, 2015 and is open to new& existing subscribers on DStv & GOtv.
SO people, give yourself the best gift you can this season. Buy your decoder, start subscribing. You might just win yourself a KIA RIO.
Hurry to any Multichoice branch office, dealer outlets or partner mallsnationwide to get your decoder or buy any of our recharge cards to subscribe and win!
Watch out for the weekly live draw on your favourite radio station nationwide.
With Multichoice, there’s something for everyone.

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