Thursday, 27 November 2014

Dear LIB readers: I hate that my girlfriend has had 13 lovers

From a male LIB reader
The saying that don't ask except you really want to know is true because I regret asking my woman (now ex) how many lovers she has had. In a honest heart to heart the other day I asked her how many boyfriends she's had and she said four serious relationships. I assumed that was the number of men she has been with but she confessed she has slept with men she wasn't in relationships with. When I asked her how many men she has slept with she said 13. If she were 40, I'd be surprised but I will understand but she's just 26.
I haven't touched her since this revelation because I am so disappointed but she keeps telling me her friends have been with more men and hers isn't that bad. Well, I don't want a woman whose vijayjay has serviced that many KoKs. Mine makes it 14. Any LIB men looking to be 15th? I can throw in her number in the comment section.

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