Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Kris Jenner's new BF dates rich celeb women & takes their money?

This is according to a report by MediaTakeOut. MTO has no chill at all..lol. According to their report, Kris Jenner's 33 year old new man, Corey Gamble used to date Sheree Buchanon from R&B exes.

Below is a report they claim they got from one of Sheree's friends:
Corey Gamble used to date Atlanta exes star Sheree Buchanan for 3 yrs and according to her he was an opportunist who preyed on divorce women with money. He was extremely possessive and would follow her when she was out with her girlfriends.
He used his connections with celebrities such as P. Diddy to move up into the inner circles to get close to certain women. And according to Sheree when she ended things with him he informed her that his next girl would be a rich older white woman.

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