Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Buy Shoes in Bulk

With as little as N30,000 you can start selling shoes or stock up your stores with American shoes. When buying abroad, you pay the cost as well as shipping, with us, you don't pay shipping and in most cases our shoes cost less than when you buy from the stores abroad. They range between
$11 (N1,800) - $23 (N3,800).

* You stock up without leaving the country.
* Mix styles and designs.
* Save your air-flight and ticket money. Continue...

* We waybill outside Lagos
* New shoes every week
* We can cater to bridal trains
* Beautiful shoes
* Consistency
* Door step Delivery in Lagos.
* Unique styles.
* Convenient atmosphere and environment

NB: Strictly B2B. (Business to Business) we would not sell if we are not convinced you are a reseller.
URL: http://shoesinbulk.com/shop/

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