Saturday, 13 September 2014

This 11-year-old is traveling the world…alone.

11-Year-Old Defends Parents' Decision to Let Her Travel to Paris Alone
Rosalie at the Eiffel Tower (Photo: Rosalie Atkins)

Rosalie Atkins lives in England, and penned a piece for the Daily Mail defending her parents’ decision to let her travel abroad without their supervision. This summer, Rosalie’s mother put her on a plane to spend a week in Paris with a host family.
But not everyone thinks that sending a pre-teen on the road alone it a good idea. For Rosalie’s trip to Paris, Anne Atkins was told that her daughter was too young to travel alone on Eurostar, the railway service connecting London to Paris. Their age limit is 12.  Instead, the family decided to fly Rosalie on British Airways Skyflyer Solo Program, a program they’ve used once before that provides a chaperone service for children who are traveling alone. 

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