Monday, 21 March 2016

Rihanna Has The Best Reaction To A Fan Singing At Her Concert

We’re going to go ahead and guess that Rihanna probably wasn’t expecting this fan to have such an incredible voice when she passed him her microphone at her gig in Cincinnati.
We mean, her reaction says it all, right?
RiRi decided to give the fans their own Four Five Seconds of fame during her gig, as many artists do, passing her microphone down to the front row.

She was stunned, surprised and quite frankly blown away, however, when the fan - identified as Ohio State University administrator, Terah Stewart by Cincinnati News - belted out the lyrics with one heck of an amazing singing voice.
Copyright [Instagram/Terah Jay]
Slay, Terah.
Judging by Rihanna’s incredible reaction, she definitely wasn’t ready for those vocals - and if we’re honest, neither were we.
Terah, who has been a choir student his whole life according to TMZ, has since taken to Twitter to express his excitement about getting to sing with Rihanna:
Copyright [Twitter]
As well as tweeting about the whirlwind 24 hours he’s had:
Copyright [Twitter]
And thanking fans for their support:
Copyright [Twitter]
He also wrote: “Thanks for all of the kind words, follows, and shares! I am so humbled at this moment. My cup is full #ThankYou”.
Thank YOU, Terah, for blowing us away with your vocals.

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