Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Shocking! See the 8-year old boy who wants to cut off his penis because he wants to be a girl - Photos

The mum of a transgender eight-year-old had to hide blades and scissors because she was scared she would off her penis.

Avery Jackson was just four when she confessed to mum Debi, 41, that she was in fact a girl and desperately unhappy with her body.The little girl, then living as a boy, heartbreakingly began asking about dying and told her parents he wanted to get rid of his male parts because they were 'in the way'.
According to the UK Mirror ,Panicked that he might harm himself, the full time mum and husband Tom started to hide all the sharp objects in their house and Avery began to live as a female.
They bought her girls' clothes and she started to wear them to school for the first time, which Debi said made her a lot happier.
Debi said;
 "I wondered if I was doing the right thing"But [living as a boy] Avery was miserable and I was worried things would get worse so my husband Tom and I bought more girly clothes for Avery.
"She was delighted."

She said the changes emerged when Avery was three.
"Out shopping Avery pointed to a pink princess dress and asked if he could have it,I was surprised but because kids like dressing up I got him it."
Soon Avery wanted to wear the dress everyday. Mrs Jackson, a fulltime mother, continued:
"I was worried he would get teased if he wore it outside.But when I explained this, the look on his face was heartbreaking.Then, over the next few months, he started asking for other girls' clothes like pink light-up shoes and glittery jeans which we eventually bought.He refused to have his hair cut too.
"I had never heard of people being transsexual and thought maybe he was just gay."
Mrs Jackson said she was "stunned" when Avery announced he was female.

"I didn't know what to think, He began to say he was unhappy with his body. He became very unhappy and started asking questions about death like 'What would happen if I jumped out a moving car? Would it kill me?'
"He told me he wanted to get rid of his male parts because there were 'in the way' and I was scared he might harm himself, so I hid the scissors and knives."
Mrs Jackson discussed the issue with her doctor husband, 40, and they took Avery to the GP.
The youngster was referred to a therapist and aged four was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, which means he would be likely to grow up transgender.

The family received counselling and began to refer to Avery as a girl.But, sadly, the children began to bully Avery so we decided to have her home-schooled.

"She was happy she could be herself, but we lost friends and family as a result of Avery's transition.""When she hits puberty she'll take hormone blockers to stop her voice from breaking and facial hair from developing.
"It sounds extreme but it's the only option. 
"At the moment Avery is happy, but if she wants surgery it's something we'll consider in the future
 Culled from Mirror UK

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