Wednesday, 14 October 2015

#Ministerialscreening: Senate screens Solomon Dalong

The senate has screened Barrister Solomon Dalong, a lawyer and former Prisons officer from Plateau state. During his presentation, Barrister Dalong said that if he were to advise on judicial reform, he would push for corrective reform of the prison system.He said that to move Nigeria forward, Nigerians must insist on adhering to laid down rules and regulations. Dalong said that to address the crisis in the North East, we must examine the history of the crisis. He also said that insecurity is caused by unemployment and poverty.

Dalong in his presentation said change can only be achieved when we review existing projects and incorporate pre-existing ones. He stated that corruption is generic and that to address it, Nigeria must examine the existing legal order. Dalong called for the regulation of social media. He says it is only the law that can define who a corrupt person is.

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