Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Maltina Gets NSN Quality Endorsement For Nourishing Nigerians

The Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN), the foremost nutrition body in Nigeria has endorsed Maltina for providing complete richness uninterruptedly for the past 39-years. The association endorsed the leading malt brand from the stable of Nigerian Breweries Plc at its 45th Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference of Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN) that held in Lagos recently.   

Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Dr. Bartholomew Brai, disclosed that, “aside it’s numerous nutritional benefits; Maltina is rich in calcium and vitamin A. These are key strong points of the product.” He also pointed out that the society is proud to be associated with the Maltina brand due to its richness and vitality for healthy living.

Receiving the endorsement certification on behalf of the company, Senior Brand Manager, Maltina, Mr. Adewole Adedeji, said the endorsement is very important to the brand because it’s an attestation to the claim of complete richness.

He added that the endorsement was a further validation that the product claims are based on verifiable proofs and testament to the highly beneficial constituents of the Maltina brand which is also the only malt drink in Nigeria that is calcium-enriched, a key nutrient needed for the development of healthy bones and teeth, normal blood clotting, and peak performance of the nervous system.
“Maltina is taking the nutritional challenge head-on hence the fortification of the drink with essential nutrients. For instance, Maltina is heavily fortified with diverse vitamins and nutrients needed by the human body. Vitamin A, a regular ingredient is a fat soluble vitamin, which is essential for normal growth, vision, immune responses and cell differentiation. It has vitamin A levels in the range of 40.99-49.51mg/l/. Studies have shown that over 34-69% of childhood blindness in Nigeria is caused by corneal opacity, which results mainly from interplay of vitamin A deficiency.”

Beyond that, the popular malt drink is also fortified with Vitamin C that boosts the immune system and helps prevent cancer and heart disease. When there is a shortage of Vitamin C, various problems can arise. Although scurvy is the only disease clinically treated with the Vitamin, a shortage of it may result in haemorrhages under the skin and a tendency to bruise easily, poor wound healing, soft and spongy bleeding gums and loose teeth. 

Since it hit the Nigerian market in 1976, Maltina has consistently been telling a compelling and refreshing story of the happiness and complete richness that is inspired by sharing Maltina with friends and loved ones.
As a result of its proven quality and refreshing richness, Maltina - which is the first locally produced Malt Drink in Nigeria – is now the only Malt Drink endorsed by the NSN………..

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