Friday, 9 October 2015

Justin Bieber happy that the world now knows..that he's packing! Lol

Justin Bieber was threatening to sue media outlets who carried his naked photos but after reading comments from his fans, he's changed his mind & happy that people know he's packing down TMZ reports below..
Justin Bieber's lawyers are barking about three nude pics taken of him on vacation in Bora Bora, but we know Justin isn't all that pissed because the shots show just how ... gifted he is. Multiple sources close to Bieber tell TMZ he was upset paparazzi, armed with telephoto lenses, snapped the photos of his butt (and other parts) naked frolicking with Jayde Pierce. We're told he thought it was a total invasion of his privacy.
We saw it the same way, and decided NOT to post the images. But our sources say Justin's anger faded when the pics went viral ... for one seemingly larger than average reason: Bieber's a really big deal, and we're told he's happy the world knows it now.

As we reported, JB's lawyers threatened media outlets that published the pics. We're told his legal team was just doing its job ... sending the message that Justin's not okay with the violation.
But reality is, there's almost zero chance Justin sues ... 'cause as they say, size matters.

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