Monday, 12 October 2015

Going By Yemi Alade's Photo, Guys Answer This Question

Okay, as we stated earlier on TILB, Yemi Alade posted this photo on her Instagram page

And it got (as expected) a lot of lewd comments and excitement, especially from the guys. Lol

I have always wondered the fascination that big booty has for ladies and guys. I mean, what really is the attraction to big butts? Fine, the booty is as a big as a giant cooking pot, all rotund and stuff, but hey...

Don't even get me started on big boobs. Back in the university, an old classmate of mine told me that the guys who are attracted to big boobs are those were weaned early, or those who were exclusively bottle fed, hence the attraction to boobs because they didn't have access to it when they should have.

If the above is true, then what can we say about the big butt part? Why do guys love big butts so much???

Guys, over to you

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