Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thanks Giving Prayer

1. For the 17 games in Toronto, who pay tribute to the restaurant industry overall party to Thanksgiving, there are 100 people on-site decision for Christ. This is as well as a mechanism of cooperation between the churches together, non-denominational community perfect pass over the witness of the Gospel. To forward to witness such a blessing from God and thank the Lord.

2. For the world to cooperate with Huafu meal, held on the opportunity of missionary activity in South America, workshops, sharing a vision of the world food and Chinese Christians in South America and gratitude. About 30 people participated in the workshop.

3. Thank God, led by Hong Kong and Malaysia, the world food organization has become more robust, now all of them are preparing for the establishment of an independent agency.

4. Thanks "Gambling priest"
萧如 hair priest held throughout the day in the Bay Area, "Say No to abuse" seminars, to help the Bank continue to promote Chinese meal gambling gospel work.

5. Thank God for the leadership and moved, we have received enough food fu warrior pledged $ 250,000 to be completed within three years of repayment office. If you have moved, please continue to support our normal recurring fee payments and Ephraim Training Fund.


1. Cooperation Toronto churches and fellowship between shepherding a follow up of this variety show 17 games in the decision for more than 100 new life of prayer.

2. Hong Kong and Malaysia for the world food program and apply new Director-General and his team collaboration to pray. God greatly hope to use them, give them all you want, as well as wisdom from God to shew the Lord's name.

3. For the two 6/8 and 6/10 opening ceremony held at the headquarters of the world food intercession, may God led the participation of many pastors was empty, and the vision of the world food Ephraim receive training center. Please also formal admissions process Ephraim center of prayer, ask God personally chose his children become affordable meal blessing servant leaders.

4. The first phase of the test class curriculum training center Ephraim coming to an end, the students were able to ask for the timely completion of homework and spiritual growth to pray.

5. Requests for the world food in Taiwan and missionary Leo Phoebe prayer, especially prayer Phoebe's body.

6. Requests for the world food partner in China Qu pastor's prayer, hope in God and hear his security guards and needs.

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