Monday, 28 September 2015

Legless Lingerie Model Proves That Anything Is Possible

What an inspiration Sesser is. [Photo: Instagram/Kanya Sesser]
Kanya Sesser may not have legs, but she’s got a whole lot of confidence and drive.
At just 23 years old, she’s a successful underwear model who rakes in almost £700 a day, proving that she doesn’t let her disability hold her back.

Sesser stuns in a mix of underwear and sportswear shoots. [Photo: Instagram/Kanya Sesser]
Instead of wearing prosthetic legs and covering up her lack of legs, she proudly flaunts her disability, proving that different is sexy and simultaneously breaking through the boundaries of the modelling industry.
“I love showing people what beauty can look like,” the Sesser told The Daily Mail. “I don’t need legs to feel sexy.”Sesser’s modelled for a huge number of brands, primarily sports companies.  [Photo: Instagram/Kanya Sesser]
The 23-year-old model shares her pics on Instagram for her fans to see. [Photo: Instagram/Kanya Sesser]
Born in Thailand where she was abandoned on the steps of a Buddhist temple before being adopted and taken to live in Oregon, Sesser now lives in LA where’s she’s been modelling for years, posing for the likes of Billabong, Nike and Rip Curl.
Sesser hopes to inspire others with her choice of career and wants to help boost the confidence of others with disabilities.
The model, who gets around using a skateboard rather than a wheelchair, is a huge fan of extreme sports and hopes to compete in a mono-ski competition in the 2018 Winter Paralympics South Korea.  
Forget a wheelchair - Sesser gets around on a skateboard. [Photo: Instagram/Kanya Sesser]
Gorgeous! [Photo: Instagram/Kanya Sesser]
In fact, she confesses she never planned to become a model and says it “just happened” for her.
“I’m different, and that is sexy,“ Sesser said, praising images of herself posing seductively in lace bras and thong underwear as “show[ing] my strength.”
For Sesser, the camera is empowering. “I like expressing myself in a different way than people usually see,” she explains. “This is just who I am.”

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