Friday, 21 August 2015

Would you rather be self made? Earn a regular income through Google AdSense

Write, read and Socialize your way to a large audience, popularity and acceptance. See how you can earn a steady income from Google Adsense; also win fantastic and exciting giveaways along the line. Do you love to write, read or network? Are you a writer; aspiring, beginner, professional or amateur?

Is writing, reading or networking your favourite pastime? Do you wish to get discovered through writing? Are you an avid reader of good Stories and articles? How well can you start and engage people in discussions on any topic of your interest? Will you love to meet new people and establish connections with them? Do you wish to earn money online by just writing, reading or networking with people? Do you wish to have a steady source of income from Google AdSense? Yes? 

Then I have found the right platform for you to do so. Scribespad!
Scribespad is a growing online community for writers and readers, with an icing, an avenue for networking! Through her ‘the Lounge’ segment, registered members can see and add up their favourite writers or other members and form strong networks with them. 

On Scribespad, you can earn a steady income as a registered member of the site, through GOOGLE ADSENSE. When you become a member of Scribespad, you will be able to install the Google adsense application in your profile. The application allows you display an adsense widget on your profile which you will use to display links from Google advertisers which can earn you income. Note that everyone can install the app but not everyone will be able to earn income steadily with it. To be able to earn well, you should have a lot of activities going on in your profile that would enable more people visit your page. To effectively do this, make sure your profile is very rich in CONTENT - write and post stories regularly and make sure it gets lots of views and likes/comments, create discussions regularly and ensure you engage a lot of people, add friends, get lots of followers/follow people, upload pictures, participate fully on the site – like, share and comment on other members posts, etc and above all, make yourself known/be original because the more people view your profile page and participate, the more the possibility that they will click on the Ads in your profile and this will increase your chances of earning a steady income from Google AdSense. In other words, drive traffic to your profile.

2.      Join groups. Start posting stories and creating discussions/Add friends, invite friends and form strong networks – PARTICIPATE FULLY IN THE COMMUNITY AND MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN.
3.      Install the Google AdSense app (found under ‘Applications’ in the dashboard of a member’s profile page under THE LOUNGE - Phone users should click on *Toggle Submenu* in ‘The Lounge’ to see Applications).

4.      After installing the Google AdSense app, click on settings under the Google AdSense and insert your ‘AdSense codes’ which you will obtain from Google.
5.      Note that your profile must have good content void of plagiarism to enjoy the benefits of placing Google Ads in your profile (Ask questions if you do not understand points 1 – 4).
Apart from the opportunity to earn income through Google AdSense, active members will be rewarded by the Scribespad team.

1.      Every year starting from their 2nd anniversary, over 100 people will be appreciated for their various activities in the community – Over 500,000 naira (in cash & gifts) up for grabs – TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY. Read MEMBER BENEFITS on the site for full details.

2.      Every month starting from next month, one member will get 10,000 naira for his/her activities on the site (this prize money is subject to increase with time). Terms & conditions apply also.

3.      Randomly, members will be rewarded with airtime (For now, MTN NG & GLO only) based on the number of unique comments in their stories or discussions at a particular time. What this means is that, a moderating member can on any particular day pick 2, 3 or 5 stories and discussions with the highest comments. For example, 3 stories or discussions at the time of the pick have the highest comments. If one has 93 comments, the other 200 comments and the third 1734 comments; 93 naira, 200 naira & 1734 naira worth of airtime will be credited the respective members/authors. 

Details will always be posted in their social media pages. (Find links below)
Now, here is the part I love the most, in a bid to reward member dedication and activity, ONE member will be assisted financially in publishing his/her Novel/Story book during Scribespad’s 2nd year anniversary. This is going to be subject to voting and the person must be a very ACTIVE member of Scribespad who writes good stories and with a minimum of 400,000 points on the site – Full details will be released at the appropriate time in their social media pages and here on LIB. ***Make sure you follow all their social media pages to stay abreast***

Millions of people have the talent of writing but their works often end up in their shelves covered in dust, unseen, unnoticed, unsung. Scribespad is here for you. Scribespad free online writing community website was designed to meet the yearnings of writers who are in need of a good platform to promote their great writing skills – showcase their talents, readers who love to read, networkers and people who can start and engage others in good discussions. The site is user friendly. Registering on the site is free and easy.  
There are discussion boards in each of the GROUPS where members can create and start discussions on any topic of their interest and engage other members in healthy, progressive and meaningful discussions. You can also upload Articles for other members to download.

A bonus, if you are ever in need of the soft copy of any book which you cannot lay your hands on or afford on Amazon, start a discussion stating what you want, the moderators will get it for you the moment they become aware of it.  If it is a book that has to be purchased, you must have been a regular/very active member of Scribespad for at least 19 months before it can be gotten for you, no matter the amount.

English Language and Literary studies/Mass communications departments of various Institutions are also welcome to have their departmental featured group (a mini blog which will be a closed group). Medical schools and its related fields can also have their departmental blogs/pages on the site where they can share journal entries, medical articles, related poems, stories, pictures, upload articles etc. Any other interested party too can have their own mini blog on the site.

Who knows? This could be your chance to get discovered.
Think big

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