Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Newborn twins talking to each other

Mothers carry their children in their womb for nine months right?
It means, if a mother is having twins, their babies inside her will be
sharing a space in the womb. According to some mothers, it's harder to carry twins because the pain was doubled, especially when the twins insider her body transfer from one place to another. 
A father filmed his twins an hour after they were born. This footage is indeed the most adorable, I've ever seen.
In the footage, you can clearly see that the twins were somehow having their little conversation. They were staying close to each other, maybe because they got used to it when they were in the womb. It's adorable to watch this twin looking at each other as if they're both making sure that they're okay.
Because of this video, I started to wonder what it's like to have a twin, I mean, are we going to were the same clothes, are we going to have everything similar with each other?
This video was originally posted on the YouTube channel of their father. I must admit I really enjoyed watching this although it's quite short! 
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