Saturday, 4 July 2015

First Duty Of Love - a Butterworks short film

First Duty Of Love - a Butterworks short film

Each and every one of us should be aware that we shouldn't be judging anyone based on their physical appearance or their disability. We do not know what they feel or what they are going through, each and every one of us struggles just to survive. 

We often ask our friends how far would you go for the sake of love? Most of them will say that they'll do everything just to make their loved ones happy, however, some say that they'll sacrifice anything for the sake of other people's happiness.

This is a story of an ordinary guy who delivers the newspaper to the people around him. He delivers newspaper and receives a small amount of money in return which he immediately records to monitor his daily income. Since he's known for being generous, sometimes he delivers newspaper without getting the money as payment. 

Everything seems to be perfectly fine until he saw how the girl he admires, cried. The story even became more exciting because they revealed that the boy was deaf in the middle of the story.

One day, he saw the girl again. She's walking while holding flowers on her hands, so he did what any man will do, he followed her only to find out that she'll be visiting a grave. 

He was so determined to earn lots of money to the point that he even joined a street fight to earn a larger income. When he finally completed the money he needed, he immediately went to the store where the girl works and showed her something.

He then showed her that he bought a hearing aid for him to be able to communicate with her and to her all her stories. 

"Do not cry. Tell me your problems instead and I will listen." The guy said. 

If you were in the girl's position, how would you react with what the guy did? Will you be happy to finally have someone to share your problems with? Post your opinions in the comment box below! Bottom of Form

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