Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Couple Has Good Reason for Coffin-Themed Wedding Photos

Bride and Groom Pose With Coffin

Strange, But Heartfelt, Photo Shoot

"Both of us are very passionate about our jobs, so I thought, why not?” Tay told the Strait Times. “Death is a part of life and shouldn’t be seen as taboo.” The couple lives in Singapore, where they work together at Direct Funeral Services. (Credit: Jenny Tay)
When Jenny Tay and her fiancé, Darren Cheng, say, “Until death do us part,” they really, really mean it. The couple took beautiful wedding photos, choosing to pose in their gown and tuxedo with a large, gleaming white casket. They posed sitting on the coffin and even snuggled up inside of it.
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