Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Things Men Like in Women More Than Good Looks

Things Men Like in Women often have nothing to do with looks, bra size or any of the standard things we think men fall for. In fact, although physical appearance is the first thing they notice (don’t we all?), when it comes to settling down it often comes in last and counts the least. Believe it or not, there are at least 12 completely non-physical things men like in women and I’m pretty sure your boyfriend could list many more and confirm that your gorgeous physique, beautiful eyes and soft lips are not the only things that made him fall head over heels for you! Interested to learn more about those other things men like in women? Well, read carefully because every man would love to be with a woman who is…

1. A Good Listener

2. Spontaneous

3. A Good Driver

4. Accomplished and Fulfilled

5. Able To Enjoy Her Food

6. A Good Cook

7. Real

8. Ready to Compromise

9. Caring

10. Funny

11. Taking Care of Herself

12. Strong
The last but not the least – one of the best things men like in women, a quality like no others, a virtue that no woman of today could live without – strength. You don’t have to lose your best damsel in distress act, in fact, you can even let him “save” you once in a while, but he has to know you’ll be there in case things start to get ugly. He has to know that there is a strong rock he can grab for under that delicate butterfly fa├žade of yours – a woman he can count on.
You see, things men like in women are almost the same as the things women like in men. Interesting, huh? Certainly! Do you know of any other things men like in women? Feel free to ask your man, too!

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