Monday, 15 June 2015

3-year-old boy kills himself with mother’s gun


So sad. A three-year-old boy, who was playing with his mother handgun he found in her purse, mistakenly shoot himself to death. It was said he shoot himself at his chest.
His mother named Elizabeth Green was said to have kept the gun in purse around her house in Ohio. He was confirmed dead by Ohio police on Thursday.
According to report, It was learnt that the boy’s mother Elizabeth Green is called the police to report the incident.In the call, she said:

“My son just shot himself and I’m not getting a pulse,” she is heard screaming. Prosecutors are considering whether to charge her.
 She said she kept the gun in her purse and had set the purse down at home before the tragedy.
“The gun is mine. It is in the house, I carry it in my purse, I laid it down. We just got home,” the mother told the 911 operator.
The boy has been identified as Marques Green. However,Neighbors described the distraught woman screaming and clutching her wounded child outside her suburban home in the wake of the killing.
Witnesses described her repeated ‘my baby, my baby’ over and over again.
Early Thursday evening a detective was seen leaving the house with a small, black gun, which he put into an evidence bag.
This is the second accidental shooting death of a child this month in this region of Ohio

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