Thursday, 28 May 2015

An Elle Editor Dressed Like Kim K. for a Week & This Is What Happened

Lived Like Kim Kardashian for a Joe, Getty Images
Kim Kardashian's life isn't all paparazzi and lavish luxuries. Well, yes it is, but it's also squeezing into tight and sometimes uncomfortable fashion for the greater good (and by greater good, we mean everyone who enjoys looking at a bunch of designer items they could never afford).
Elle senior editor Sally Holmes wanted to know what it's like to be Kim K. for a week (fair), so she took it upon herself to dress like the E! star for a week to see what it's like, and it turns out she learned one big lesson: "Dressing like @KimKardashiantaught me that GF is VERY very brave," Holmes tweeted.
Holmes also explained that the theme of the entire experiment was "tight," especially since she had to do as Kim would do and wear either Spanx or a waist trainer underneath practically anything.
"After squeezing into my suction shorts (please allow 10 extra minutes for pulling waist line past thighs), I put on the green skirt and crop top (crop top! ahhh!) and looked in the mirror," she wrote. "CURVES. EVERYWHERE. Since the skirt is a sample, it's probably two to three sizes too small, so the fit is not just body-conscious, it's body self-conscious."

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