Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dear LIB readers: Letter to my Spiritual Husband

From a female LIB reader
Devil leave me alone oooo. You have over stayed your welcome in my life. Tired of accommodating you. Haba. There are over 150 million people in Nigeria why the hell have you chosen me! Pretty and well shaped girl like me with good character is single at this time of my life.
Stop having sex with me in my dreams, it has become so boring and annoying, I wake up angry and wished I could strangle you in real life. That's how much I hate you.
Ogbeni look else where, you suck. Very ugly thing. Why didn't God kill the devil when it betrayed him. Stop using me. If you want to watch porn, you are the devil, it should be easy. Stop using me. Gosh I hate you.
Leave me the hell alone. U are blocking my career, driving away my suitors, making my life miserable. Don't u have better things to do than have sex with an innocent girl like me? I need a freaking break!
Libers pls pray for me. This man in my dreams is gradually killing me. I don't know which church to go cos I'm a popular person and I don't want further embarrassment from blogs. How do I stop this dirty devil in my dreams

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