Friday, 21 November 2014

What is Black Friday?

Everyone who loves to shop will understand what it means to look forward to the last Friday in November. All shoppers are convinced that this is one day in the year where you can get the best discounts on any and everything. This day is popularly branded Black Friday.

On Black Friday, no item is off limits. The bargain can be achieved on electronics, fashion, home appliances, furniture, baby clothes and gardening equipment.

It is an interesting fact that people who are not crazy about shopping shop on Black Friday. No one can resist the influence of a good thing.
In November 2013, Nigeria’s number one online retailer, pioneered the concept of black Friday in Nigeria and was able to create a buzz that saw unique visitors to the website reaching over a million. As a first attempt, this number is impressive. However, you can bet that this year will be even bigger and better as analysts say numbers should reach record breaking heights.

Black Friday is a day that all the Christmas shopping can be achieved at the lowest possible prices so make sure you are prepared to bag the best bargain for friends and family.

In a survey of some Black Friday Shoppers in Nigeria on social media, many respondents acknowledge Black Friday is one of the best shopping experiences ever. And despite initial skepticism due to the brand new shopping concept, they weren’t disappointed with prices and offers they met on the day.

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