Thursday, 27 November 2014

Monitor your nanny and home from anywhere in the world

Do you know you can monitor your nanny and your home or office from anywhere in the world? With the increase in nanny violence in the country, it is no more luxury to have a CCTV camera system in your home. You can even use hidden cameras to make it discrete. The camera records video and audio and you can watch from your phone, ipad or laptop from anywhere in the world. 

The video recorded is also stored in a hard drive on the system so you can view at your convenience as well. The cameras have day and night vision so you can see what goes on in the dark. 

We have seen different videos like nanny beating up child, cook stealing food, driver stealing diesel and so on. CCTV is the ideal system to protect your family and property. 

Do you know you can monitor your car online as well? If you install a tracker in your car, you can monitor the location of the car and speed. Incase your car is stolen, you can shut down the engine of the car and the police can help to recover it. If your battery is low, you would receive ansms alert. With the vehicle tracker, you can monitor your car and your driver’s movement.There are tracking devices that do not require tampering with the wiring of your vehicle. Since we started vehicle tracking, we have recovered thirty six vehicles out of which seven were recovered across the border in neighboring countries.

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