Thursday, 27 November 2014

Lift it up!

From this guys at Shape You
Imagine walking on your street and you see this magnificent dress. Choi! You know you just have to buy it. You just have to.So you buy the dress and without trying it on (we all have that confident moment when we just believe a dress would fit), you walk out of the store.Two days to the event you have chosen to wear it to, you decide to try it on just because you are in a good mood and want to preassure yourself the dress is your exact size. You put in on and it is perfect! until you decide to do a 360 in front of the mirror and wham! You can’t find your butt in the dress.
 You look at your butt from both sides, and you still can’t find it. You try to put on a short to see if brings out your butt. It does but you can see the short’s lines reflecting on the dress. What would you do? You are supposed to wear that dress in two days and right now you are about to have a heart attack. Your backside cannot look like an ironing tablena. What would you do?

Let us introduce you to our ‘butt lift’ shorts. Yes, just as the name implies, this is a butt lifter. It’s so
easy and comfortable to use. Honestly, not all of us can do day-to-day, back-to-back butt lift exercises
but you can wear our ‘butt lift’ shortseveryday and choose to do butt lift exercises if we still want to.
The thing is, a butt lifter works just fine. It really does. OK, let us be true to ourselves here for a second.

We all somehow crave for a little extra, ok, maybe a few more extra pound of flesh in our butt area.
Even those with butts to die for *rolling my eyes* still crave for a little more.

You should get your extra butt with our‘butt lift’ shorts. It is easy, stretchy, very lightweight but very
firm with two large circular cut-outs in the back, lifts your butt instantly and it works!
What are you waiting for? These are the best butt lifting shorts your butt will ever be in! There is no
harm in being bootylicious. Stop imagining! Start buying! There’s a size for everybody.
Remember, our products do not rule out a healthy lifestyle, we help you achieve and maintain a

healthy lifestyle together with achieving the desired shape you want. So, eat right, drink lots of water and start thinking of getting one our products!

For enquiries, write to us or visit our website buy one of our products today.
You can also contact our experts on the following and they would help you with making the right decision.
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