Tuesday, 18 November 2014

It Works With Time...

 From the guys at Shapeyou.com.ng
Remember the saying, Rome wasn't built in a day? Well, that shape wasn't perfected in one day either( unless you were naturally born with it or you are marvel pictures' wonder woman of justice league).
Anyways, we are letting you know the long term uses of the shapeyou product. Imagine, falling down and breaking your arm. It will heal right?, but it doesn't just go back to shape immediately. It takes time.
You'll have to go to an orthopedic doctor who would help you ( with your own collective effort too) to groom it and put it back in shape. And one day, when you go to visit the doctor, he tells you to the orthopedic cast will be taken off because your arm has completely healed. That's the feeling. That's what our products do to yourshape. There's no pain without gain and hard work always comes in


Our waist cinchers  (trainers) help you train your body into that desired shape.Waist cinchers are generally meant to be worn daily( 6-10hours..Ikr! no pain no gain remember?). They are meant for waists undergoing training.

Some wear it while working out (yes you can wear it while working out) and have another that they wear all day. Some just have one that they wear all day. Whichever you choose, start training today.

A waist cincher can be worn for at least three to six months (or longer, till you get your desired shape) with regular exercising and healthy eating. Of course, those wanting a quick change in their look can wear it for that dress to fit and then take it off when you they home but then are you really

comfortable with that tommy being flat only when you want to go out? Why not make it stable? Why do something temporal when you can go the whole nine yards? Its your call, think about it.  Start training today.

To our moms out there who really want to get back in shape, guess what? You guessed right! We have just restocked and there's one for you too. We'd tell you in our next post about it.

Remember, our products do not rule out a healthy lifestyle, we help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle together with achieving  the desired shape you want. So, eat right, drink lots of water and start thinking of getting one our products!

For enquires, please write to us at enquiries@shapeyou.com.ng or visit our website www.shapeyou.com.ng and buy one of our products today.

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