Friday, 28 November 2014

Dear LIB readers: I slept with a married woman

From a male LIB reader
About a year and half ago, I gave a lift to a woman and it happened that she stayed two streets before mine. After a chat in the car I discovered she was married and has 3 kids. I also told her I was married with a child.  We got friendly and exchanged numbers.
One thing led to another and one day my wife traveled and she asked to visit me. Another thing led to another and we had sex unprotected. We had Sex 3 more times on different days. Twice in my car, and twice in my house.
Now, one day I asked her why she was doing this... she said she doesn't sleep with her husband anymore and he had reported her to their priest but she doesn't care. That the husband doesn't satisfy her and she hardly looks forward to having sex with him. I felt bad and guilty and advised that we should stop seeing each other.
She agreed and said we should remain friends.
Three weeks ago, she called to say she missed her period and that I was responsible. I advised her that this would be disastrous to both our marriages and that she would have to terminate the pregnancy. Now she's refusing to do so even after I gave her 40k to take care of it.  She is promising to make my life a living hell and that she doesn't care what the world thinks.
Claiming that she loves me and that if I loved my wife I wouldn't have slept with her. However true this is... I love my wife and I'm not ready to crash my marriage.
I seriously have no idea of what to do. I practically live in fear cos she calls me every other day and my wife is getting suspicious.
This lady is not a Nigerian though but married to a Nigerian. Please advise

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