Friday, 21 November 2014

Blessing Okagbare says Her Career is more important than having babies

blessing okagbare
Africa’s Fastest Woman, Blessing Okagbare who is currently unhappy with the US embassy for not letting her have her honeymoon in the country, when they denied her husband visa few days ago, says the last thing on her mind now just after her wedding is having children.

She told the New Telegraph that her career is the only important thing to her right now, and her husband is very much aware of this.
Below is what she said:

A family, hahaha, I am not planning about that now. At the moment I have goals that must be accomplished and some things to be achieved professionally, so starting a family immediately after my wedding is actually not in the schedule for me right now, no way. Honestly, we have already talked about it and my fiancé knows what I do for a living. We have talked about it and he knows there are things I must get done in my career which are very important to me. Having kids now is out of it, there are things in my career that must be accomplished before we start thinking of building a family. After my wedding the next agenda is to accomplish all the things I have set out to achieve and that is it, not having babies, this will surely come later.

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