Tuesday, 18 November 2014

An honest letter from a client...

From the guys at www.shapeyou.com.ng. Enjoy below...I was going to tell you about the long term uses then I got a message from one of our satisfied customers and it made my day. I thought I'd share it with you.

NB: I asked her permission before I put it here.

Dear body shaper people,I read your post, the one about the size 8 body and size 12 tummy. Honestly, you were talking about me. I hurriedly went to your site and checked out your products and then called one of your agents who asked me for my statistics. 

I made my order on your website www.shapeyou.com.ng  and it was delivered to me on the same day. You see, my hubby and I had an event to attend. One of his colleagues' wife was having a party and had invited us. Before I read your post on LIB, I had told my hubby I wasn't going to attend. We had even quarreled about it. This was not the first time I was refusing to go to an event with him. After our last child, like most mothers, my tummy just hung out. Doing the exercises was helping but it seemed like a long road for salvation. Hubby said he didn't mind but I couldn't help it. How would we go for an event and I'd be looking like 'a gorodum' and hubby would be looking dapper? I am his wife not 'someone that just tags along'. There's nothing like being and feeling sexy for yourself and for your man.   When my order came and I tried it on, I was ecstatic! I made up my mind there and then to surprise hubby. I told him I was going for the party with him. Of course he was shocked and asked why I had changed my mind. I told him it was a surprise. When hubby came to pick me up for the party, (he had rushed out to fill the fuel tank), I sat with most of my body facing the car door so that he wouldn't notice. When we got to the party, people paid their compliments which made me happy but the look on Hubby's face made me happier! He couldn't take his eyes off. I could sense the confusion in his eyes but I didn't say word. The moment we left the party, he turned and said, "There’s something different about you tonight". I just smiled.  He took another good look at me and gasped "your tummy is gone!" he said. "What did you do?” I explained to him. He then asked if it could be permanent because he liked the way my dress fit. So body shaper people, I'd like to know the long term uses. I love the way I feel each time my dress fit and yes, no matter how much your man tells you "it doesn't matter", when they see the effect of the product, their facial expression tells otherwise. Thank you so much! I am pretty and now, I feel prettier too. Waiting for your next post.

Remember, our products do not rule out a healthy lifestyle, we help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle together with achievingthe desired shape you want. So, eat right, drink lots of water and start thinking of getting one our products! You are pretty. Feel pretty!

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