Saturday, 27 September 2014

Why I’m campaigning for political office with Blonde hair – Toni Tetuila

Last week, Tony Tetuila attracted criticism when his campaign poster showed him rocking his signature blonde hair.Many branded him a joker .He defended his look ,telling the Nigerian Tribune
“I am not going to the office to sing, though I am an artiste, I am going to serve my people. I am not going to office with the tinted hair.I was discussing with some youth leaders who said I could leave the hair, but now that people are speaking on it, I have to do what my people want.”I only used the blonde hair to campaign because everybody knows Tony Tetuila with that trademark.
He also denied being broke saying 
“How can I be broke? I am not broke, everybody knows where I am coming from, I am not going into politics for the fun of it, we artistes always sing about poverty but rarely do anything about it.If you know  songs like “prayer for Naija”  and e go better you will see that we only complain but we don’t do anything about the suffering. We want Nigerians to live a better life. What I am going to deliver matters and not the hair.”

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