Friday, 29 August 2014

Meet Bolaji, London's ITV Music Contestant

Bolaji, a final year law student at the University of Warwick is a young Nigerian lady whose passion for singing prompted colleagues, friends and relatives into canvassing her to do a cover of John Legend's All Of Me. Though, a singer and pianist in church from the very tender age of 14, she's yet to decide on doing music professionally. However, her soulful voice, thoughtful lyrics and irrepressible confidence was so captivating at an event such that a fan in the crowd called on her afterwards to apply for the ITV2 competition currently going in the UK. Hence, the need for this internet video for her rendition of All Of Me.

In his own words "I never get enough of hearing inspirational music from genuinely talented artists, and this young lady right here is definitely a MusicSTAR, hopefully she will be doing music professionally soon". 

Though BOLAJi is keen on pursuing her Law Degree however, her first love remains MUSIC.

She's got this exceptional voice that wows you and affirms music is soul saving --- Dupe Ige (MTN Project Fame)

Her vocals are so power, she's a combination of elegance, glamor and Soul music --- Ksticks Pinmiloye ( CEO KSTICKS)

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